30 Day Challenge Wrap Up

The challenge was a big, tough 30 days, but we did it 🙂 30 days of blood (well, hope not), sweat (a looooot of that) and tears (we can all admit there may have been a few) have helped change so many people across 6 growing studios. And to all those who completed the 30 day challenge: Congrats Congrats Congrats!!

“Yoga has really changed who I am as a person. Being a young adult in such a fast paced society, it is hard to grasp who I am and stay true to myself. Yoga opens my heart and mind to a place where I can honor myself for all the hard work I put in daily. This 30-day challenge has pushed my ability in yoga to only prove that I do have what it takes, even on the days where I think I don’t!”
Holly McCown, Evolation Yoga Kentucky

Yoga 30 Day Challenge

Everyone who participated in the 30 day challenge are winners in our eyes. However, we would like to single out the top four winners; Coming in first place was Carolina Weatherford, second place was Drew Brooks, third place was Cheyne Goulden, and fourth place was Misty Potter!

Carolina Weatherford With her first place Prize an Evolation Yoga T-shirt

wait, did someone say prizes?

Completing a 30 day challenge is so beneficial for your practice and your heath. It helps detoxify your body, tone your muscles, improve your will power, give you a better understanding of each posture and so many other amazing things. But, for all the good things a consistent practice will give you, it can also be nice to win some cool prizes ?

evolation giveaway Onzie chic bra top from


Carolina Weatherford
Evolation Yoga Kentucky

Chic Bra Top from Onzie
Chic and stylish, this will be your new favorite bra top! The Chic Bra features a multi criss-cross design in the back and simple scoop neckline in the front. Fully lined for maximum support.


evolation giveaway teeki mermaid pants


Meghan Lane
Evolation Yoga Santa Barbara

Mermaid Top Yoga Pants from Teeki
High and low waistband that is elastic free so it won’t cut into you. Four way stretch to expand with your muscles in all movement, elastic free, breathable to reach the highest peaks, and chafe resistant.


evolation prize String Shorts from Shaktiaw


Aracelis Guzman
Evolation Yoga Tampa

String Shorts from Shaktiaw
Adjustable side string for custom length, unlined but with fabric gusset, flat stitched to eliminate chaffing, four-way stretch to move with you


Local Winners in order of most classes Completed:


“All of the teachers are incredibly welcoming and patient. Their gentle and detailed instructions, along with the additional motivation from trying to complete the challenge completely transformed my yoga practice. Regardless of how gloomy and snowy it is outside, I really look forward to the yoga classes at Evolation. It is truly a wonderful establishment. The thirty day yoga challenge has given me the extra push that was necessary for me. I can truly see myself as a life long yoga practioner after this experience. Thank you Evolation! Namaste 🙂 When I initially signed up for the Evolation thirty day yoga challenge, I had not practiced yoga in over a year. Needless to say I was a creaky, wobbly, apprehensive mess BUT it soon turned into one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself 🙂 “
Zainab, Evolation Yoga Buffalo

all the dedicated international participants


Carolina Fernandez
Lizette Salazar
Paula Beltran
Camilo Aldana
Krystal Sanjuan
Ana Rodriguez
Angela Alfaro
Christian Langebeck


Kathleen Gilmartin
Michelle toneff
Jillian Hernandez-Adams
Maryam bahkt
Jorge-Luis godinez
Kerri Mersereau
Ken Mersereau
Jenn bedell
Steven Tate
Melissa Vogt
Aracelis Guzman


Nathaniel Hill
Justine Mejak
Caitlin Cotton
Justin Collins


Kimberly Brush
Baukje Zee
Fleur Bok
Sabine Veenendaal
Koert van Barneveld
Antje Kakerissa
Milan Vis
Angela Tellier

Santa Barbara

Marilyn Caldwell
Patty Auchard
Dominique Cavalli
Mary Glink
June Truedson
Blanca Martin
Jeralyn Ehlers
Kim Morris
Kati Robertson
Amy Rogers
Sarah Bloom
Sarah Linder
Colette Crafton
Meghan Lang
Dianne Paradis
Katherine Duncan
Philippe Ruiz
Carol Ruiz
Jessie Wayne
Cindy Gutierrez
Andrea Durbiano
Roxanne Morganstern
Leslie Murphy
Anne Berit-Slagstad
Alexandra Seigel
Ron Seigel
Kara Block
Dolianne Lipman
Sherrie Mondello
Evelyn Alfago
Eve Cowan
Zefea Samson