class descriptions

We believe that yoga is for everyone. We offer yoga classes in different degrees of heat and intensity, but all of our classes are open to and appropriate for all levels, including beginners.

Check out our class descriptions to discover the best class for you!

hot 90

temp: 105°     time: 90 min

Get ready to sweat! A therapeutic yoga sequence practiced around the world, consisting of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. This class will help to heal, strengthen, stretch and balance the body as well as focus and challenge the mind. Practiced in a heated room, you will not only lose weight, but you will leave feeling refreshed and detoxified from the inside out!

hot 60

temp: 105°     time: 60 min

Based on the hot 90 class we use the same sequence, only completing one set of each asana (yoga pose). The room temperature is the same as the hot 90, only 30 minutes less! This is a great class to help build your stamina up and for anyone with a busy schedule who wants a strong and powerful practice without as much time.

warm 60

temp: 90°     time: 60 min

Experience the same sequence as the Hot 90, in only 60 minutes and with just enough heat to warm and protect your muscles. The perfect class for when you need to just slow down and breathe! This class is for all levels to give you a strong foundation and focus on the breathing, which helps to clear the mind.

flow 75

temp: 90°     time: 75 min

With just enough heat to get the body warmed up, this class will take you through the fluid movements of sun salutations while focusing on breathe, strength and flexibility. This class is also accompanied with music!

gentle flow

temp: comfy     time: 60 min

When you need a little extra tender loving care this slower paced and gentle class includes passive, longer held poses while focusing on the breath. Many of the poses are seated, lying on your back, stomach, and even includes a few deep standing stretching poses. These stretches are held longer to help facilitate the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like tendons, ligaments and fascia, thus being relaxing and restorative for the entire body. This class is a great counterbalance to more active styles of yoga. Surrender to this more meditative practice and leave with a feeling of lightness and peace.

Synergy Partner Yoga

temp: room     time: 60 min

Partner stretching, Thai Massage and flying techniques are used in a therapeutic way for people of all ages and levels. Our goal is to build a trusting yoga community together! (no partner is needed) Learn more at

Rainbow Kids Yoga

temp: room     time: 60 min

A fun and educational learning experience for young children ages 6-10. (arrangements can be made for children who do not meet this age request if you contact the studio). This Class introduces your child to a healthy, age appropriate yoga practice. Playful Poses and games are presented in a noncompetitive and nurturing environment.

Still 30

temp: room     time: 30 min

Once a month we come together with people all around the world to be calm, silent and still with


temp: room     time: 75 min

One of our most relaxing classes, Yin Yoga is a series of postures held between 3 and 5 minutes to target deeper tissue and calm the mind. Shorter holds (up to 60 seconds) only target the muscles, but these deep long floor poses can get in an help loosen up tendons and ligaments too.


temp: room     time: 60 min

Barre is, a balance fusion class, designed to shape, tone and elongate while delivered with messages of empowerment. Barre is an extremely form focused method based on 25 years of dance research and experience, and over a decade of mind body fitness study, training, and master instruction. Combining rotational, linear, isometric, range of motion and compound movement, Barre takes you on a challenging and empowering journey unlike any other.