Kelli Haywood

Teaching Style

Kelli’s passion for the deeply spiritual and an inspiring physical challenge is brought to light as she shares yoga through classes that meld the ancient with the new. With her background in Kundalini (mother of all yoga) and Vinyasa Flow styles, Kelli motivates yogis to become in tune with their bodies and aspire to their personal best through fearless focus. Embodying the yogic idea of union (mind, body, and spirit), she provides cues, mantras, and affirmations that guide the practitioner on the path of becoming more fully themselves using the tools given through a regular yoga practice.

How Yoga Serves Kelli

Yoga has altered Kelli’s life in a myriad of positive ways. Having found yoga in her early twenties, Kelli has utilized it as a profound form of both spiritual awakening and physical expression. She practiced yoga through three pregnancies, and has used a regular, daily yoga practice to mentally, emotionally, and physically cope with health challenges and to transform her body into one that serves her rather than one that limits her by losing over 100 pounds. A thirteen year practice that constantly brings her back to spiritual and physical wholeness has inspired her to share her practice with those willing to experience the healing power of yoga.

Words of Wisdom for Students

Your body is a uniquely designed vehicle which takes your spirit through this life. To unlock our personal power, we must not fear using our bodies to their fullest potential. Learning to speak your body’s language will take you into new realms of understanding yourself and transforming your life experiences.


Kelli was introduced to yoga during her college years and began an in-home practice to support her interest and involvement in various forms of exercise. Practicing sporadically for many years, Kelli rediscovered a regular practice in 2005 while awaiting the birth of her first daughter. At that time, Kelli lived in Louisville, Kentucky and was able to practice both in her home and in a yoga studio. She has been faithful to the practice of yoga ever since. After moving back to the mountains of eastern Kentucky, Kelli completed her prenatal vinyasa yoga certification in 2010 through the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. She dedicated time to practicing in her community and supported the efforts of friends who began one of the first yoga studios in southeastern Kentucky, North Fork Yoga, substitute teaching there on occasion. In 2015, Kelli will complete her second certification which is a dual certificate in Kundalini and Hatha yoga styles through the Yoga Teacher Training Program by Anmol Mehta.

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