space to grow

As a yoga teacher who has traveled around the world to find the stillness and connection that this amazing practice offers. I have decided to share this with my hometown in hopes of creating our own loving yoga family, in the place we treasure the most. Please join me in calming your mind and stretching your body in a serene and peaceful studio. Included with designer lights, several waterfalls and calming music.

yogi experience

  • High quality heating system to maintain precise temperatures and levels of humidity while circulating clean oxygenated air, reducing carbon emissions, stale air and bad odor.
  • Non-toxic materials throughout whole studio
  • Free, on-site parking
  • Multiple changing rooms
  • Floor plan designed to optimize sign in flow mitigating long lines.
  • High quality, sweat proof and non-slip anti-bacterial flooring in studio for safety and comfort.


  • Several different props are provided to support any injuries in the body and allow the mind to relax and more profoundly receive the benefits of the yoga.
  • Yoga room coupled with efficient materials to minimize noise.
  • Secure location in a safe & peaceful community.
  • Several fountains and waterfalls to provide tranquility.
  • Different styles of lights all on dimmers
  • We will also offer some classes and workshops directly outside the studio with the beautiful view of nature surrounding our practice.